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Best Time To Visit Dubai – Complete Research

Dubai is one of the most be beautiful cities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE ). More than 15.8 million people visit Dubai, keeping the 6th most populated city visited by the tourists. Dubai has two seasons hot and hotter. The best time to visit Dubai between November and April. When the temperature is between 24 to 35°C. keeping the evening warm and night chill.

Best Time To Visit Dubai
Best Time To Visit Dubai
  • November to April

Dubai winter is usually starting month November, heavy traffic of tourism seen in these months. The weather is pleasant and the best of all outdoor activities. Dubai shopping malls festival held January – February months. you will see in these months the Dubai actually crowded. Most of the Dubai festivals and events held in usually in these months.  The rates of the airline, restaurants, and hotels usually seen higher in these months.

  • May to October

The temperature of Dubai usually rises from the month of May up to October, this season knows as peak summer. These months are not goods for outdoor activities because the temperature is too high the average is about 42 °C (107.6°F). However, all malls/stores are air-conditioned you visit and do shopping.

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