Bollywood Park Dubai has everything you need to have a good time you’ve never had before. Explore the plethora of colorful Bollywood films that make you happy once in a while. It is the world’s first theme park dedicated entirely to Bollywood and its allure is to be offered in Dubai.

Bollywood Parks Dubai will captivate you with its action, comedy, romance, adventure, flavor, music, and emotions. What else would you expect? Bollywood Parks Dubai pays homage to Mayanagari’s famed film industry. Bollywood Parks Dubai, one of the world’s largest amusement parks, has everything you need to relieve tension.

There are five unique zones here, with everything from Indian delicacies to artisan exhibitions strewn about. For your entire pleasure, there are exhilarating rides, a plethora of shopping opportunities, and a variety of dining options. Do you want to see more of this gorgeous city in the UAE?

Bollywood Parks Dubai’s main attractions include Three Bollywood Boulevard, Rustic Ravine, Mumbai Chowk, Bollywood Film Studios, and Mumbai Chowk. If you’re looking for a place to unwind, Rajmahal Theatre is the place to go.

The Rajmahal Theatre is well-known for its Broadway-style musical performances. For ages, this has been embracing Bollywood’s popularity. You can either see live stage shows or go on some flashy cinematic rides. You have a choice!

Are you planning to leave? Have you walked through the Mumbai Chowk Zone of Bollywood Parks Dubai yet? It is primarily renowned for its street shopping, partying atmosphere, and fascinating vegetables and other cuisines. Also, don’t miss reliving the splendor of films such as Dabangg, Lagaan, and Sholay from the golden age.

If you are a die-hard fan of some of these legendary Bollywood films, Rustin Ravine is your amusement fantasy. So, the next time you come here, make the most of your time in this kaleidoscopic world of metropolitan’s famous Bollywood Nagari.


E11, Exit 5, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Bollywood Parks Dubai opened afternoon at 2:00 p.m. and will close tonight at 11:00 p.m.

Pass Price:

Bollywood Parks Dubai – 1 Day – 99 AED Included in the price is a one-day entrance, an offer for UAE residents, and access to any theme park.

Annual Parks Pass – 595 AED 12 months of the unrestricted entrance, access to all theme parks, and free parking are included.

How to Reach Bollywood Parks

The Bollywood Parks are located on Sheikh Zayed Road, directly across from Jebel Ali. It’s easy to get to by vehicle, taxi, or metro.

Taking the Metro:

Take the red line to Jebel Ali station and then a taxi to the park.

Traveling by car:

If you’re driving, the park is roughly 40 minutes from Downtown Dubai. Visitors to the park can park for a fee at the park’s parking lot. During the day, parking costs AED 20, but it rises to AED 80 as the night draws in. Valet parking is available for a fee of AED 150.

Souvenirs and Shopping at Bollywood Parks

Bollywood Parks in Dubai include several shops where you would purchase interesting Bollywood stuff.

Superhero Vault:

If you’re a fan of Krrish, Don, or RA. One, you can buy outfits and masks here.

Bollywood Haat:

This shop recreates rural India and sells handcrafted material, clothing, accessories, and other items.

Mumbai Bazar:

This location is well-known for its keepsakes, as it brings you closer to the city and allows you to live in the city of your dreams!

Maharani Sweets Shop:

This is a must-see if you have a sweet craving and want to experience some delicious Indian delicacies.

Snapshot Photo Pickup:

Get your picture taken with bizarre Bollywood effects such as Krrish’s mask or Chulbul Pandey’s renowned spectacles here!

Bollywood Parks’ Resorts and Food outlets

Jumbo Café

Well-known for its ice cream, smoothies, coffee drinks, teas, snacks, and donuts. It’s brilliantly designed, with two massive colored elephants guarding the entry.


Combines monarchy and Royal lifestyle. The restaurant is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays and provides delicious Mughal cuisines and specialties.

Rock On

Seems to be another well-known dining establishment that also offers private gatherings and parties. It takes its name from Farhan Akhtar’s film and serves delectable Western and Indian cuisines as well as street food.

Spicy Dhaba

Exudes a distinct Punjabi mood and feel. This restaurant is a must-see for everyone who enjoys spices and rich food. It is famous for its curries, pickles, bread, and tandoori specialties.

Victoria Station

A reproduction of Bombay’s Victoria Terminus provides traditional foods such as coastal curries, vada pavs, and true southern cuisine.

Studio Canteens

Well-known for its Western fast cuisine, wood-fired pizzas, steaks, crisps, pies, and cold drinks.

Bollywood Theme Parks

The park is organized into five zones and offers the finest of evergreen Indian cinema.

Rustic Ravine

Brings to life genuine India, i.e. rural India. This section is filled with fields, cottages, banyan trees, and live concerts to show you what life is like in an Indian hamlet. It is inspired by the popular film Lagaan.

With its Rajmahal theatre and a sophisticated Broadway-style Bollywood musical extravaganza, the Royal Plaza Zone looks fantastic. The Mughal-E-Azam is noted for its sumptuous meals, the Bollywood dance show ‘Stars on Steps,’ and Bollywood dance-off challenges.

Bollywood Boulevard

Well-known for its adorable cafes and eateries, as well as the Crossroads concert, which showcases Bollywood great renditions!

Mumbai Chowk

Resembles the city’s streets and chawls in appearance. Explore the chowk and enjoy the great street cuisine and the dons or tapers ready to entertain and introduce you to Mumbai life!

Bollywood Film Studios

Introduce you to the art of filmmaking and production, as well as 4-D theatre experiences and dance courses to learn and enjoy.

Things to Do and Experiences


The Thrill of Victory, inspired by Aamir Khan’s movie Lagaan, depicts a cricket match versus the British. The display is set up in an ideal village and depicts farmers and rural life. It is a roller coaster game that gives you the best view of the game.

Champaner Cricket Carnival

Would be another Lagaan-inspired event that includes Ferris wheels, carousels, and cricket activities. You get to witness Indian country life as well as participate in sports such as hitting cans, capturing chickens, and throwing balls inside a tub.


The Hunt For Gabbar Singh is an immersive 3D rollercoaster where you can use laser guns to shoot dacoits or the renowned Bollywood movie villain, Gabbar Singh! You can even harvest mangoes from trees and compete with your friends shooting scores.

The Spectacular Stunt Show

motivated by Salman Khan’s DABANGG is jam-packed with Bollywood conversation, lyrics, and choreography. It depicts Chulbul Pandey, a police officer, retrieving and battling off the bad guys. The 19-minute stunt show depicts incredible action sequences and entertains both children and adults.


is an accessible venue in the Rustic Ravine that accommodates a variety of acts and performances. Rangmanch set up in the style of a hamlet with banyan trees and sitting areas, is a colorful and lively site where traditional acts such as banjara, nautanki, kathputli, garba raas, bhangra, and street theatre taking place.

Stars on Steps

An 8-minute Bollywood singing and dancing extravaganza that also incorporates South Indian movies. This energetic and entertaining recital setup makes use of LED displays to create backgrounds and locales as the performers act and dance.

The Rajmahal Theatre

A wonderful theatre that seats around 860 people. The theatre is a great blend of royalty and grandeur, resembling palaces, gardens, and a regal lifestyle. The cinema also offers JAAN-E-JIGAR, a Broadway-style Bollywood musical play, and BOLLYWOOD DANCE OFF, a 30-minute reality show featuring three audience organizers and four participants.


located on Bollywood Boulevard, honors and showcases hit Bollywood films. People dressed as and resembling famous characters such as Don, Krrish, and Chulbul Pandey play Bollywood tunes. Guests can see and hear the performers, as well as interact with them and come on stage to execute the renowned ‘hook steps’ of songs. The location is bordered by well-known eateries such as Jumbo and Rock On!!

The Mumbai Express

train replica that is located in the Mumbai Chowk region and is used by entertainers to perform on. Surrounded by Mumbai’s streets and chawls, the dancers climb onto the tops of buses to entertain the guests. It also holds tapori entertainment, in which people disguised as gangsters or rowdies perform in colorful costumes and converse in a comical, entertaining native language.

The iconic Shahrukh Khan inspired Ra. One Unleashed is a 4-D cross-virtual movie theatre located in the Bollywood Film Studios that enables you to watch who wins and emerges victorious, RA.ONE or G.ONE?


seems to be another 4-D movie that will take you on an exciting ride as you relax in your seats and watch the story unfold. As superhero Krrish protects the world from an alien invasion, you get a ‘bird’s eye perspective’ of India!

Cinema Circle

A delightful addition to the film studios that allows customers to join dancing courses and learn how to ballet in a Bollywood manner. The Indian dance creators and audiences had a fun and participatory session.

Bollywood Park Dubai Rides

Abra ka Dabra

Abra ka Dabra, set in the Rustic Ravine, is a fantastic floating boat that tugs, twists, scoots, and swivels across the dramatic rocky waves. This wobbly quick-faced twister will take you through tales and stories of the past, making it ideal for youthful adventurers who wish to enjoy some fast-moving rides.

Bollywood Skyflyer

The 460-foot-tall Bollywood Skyflyer is the world’s tallest swing ride. This ride, which appeals to both young and old, allows you to enjoy swinging and hand gliding at the same time.

At various speeds, one can also experience rotating, descending, and lifting actions. As you move up and down and revolve around this massive tower, you can take in the park’s breathtaking panoramic views.

Hawa Hawai

Hawa Hawai is a vibrant family ride that features 12 double-seat ‘hang glider’ vehicles. This ride can rise, drop, and circle clockwise, teaching you how to resist the power of the wind.

Monsoon Masti

Monsoon Masti is a whirling water basket attraction that includes a water gun skirmish. There are a total of six baskets, each of which can accommodate four persons. The four passengers, armed with a water blaster, may enjoy the enjoyable ride while attacking other riders and passersby.


This amazing rocket-shaped gravity coaster will allow you to experience a mini-fall. Rocket is a free-fall tower designed specifically for young children to carry them to the sky and securely return them. The chairlift is dumped halfway down the tower and swings up and down several times.

Rodeo ki safari

The Indian Rodeo is deeply rooted in rural India, and it embodies the joy and positivism of the vibrant flower bouquets, multicolored architecture, and Holi powders.

Two circular decks rotating at 10 rpm speed guide the vehicles along an 8-shaped path on this triple-spinning themed amusement. There are a total of ten cars, each of which can hold two children and two adults.

Tanga No. 13

Tanga No. 13 is a low-thrill family ride located in ‘Mumbai Chowk.’ This crazy chariot ride is meant to take you and your kids in a fun-filled circular motion, producing a fascinating wave effect and ensuring excitement and delight for the passengers.

Taxi No. 1

This excursion is intended to provide you with the feeling of riding in a native Bombay taxi through the city’s spectacular streets. Taxi No. 1 is a high-speed, chaotic, and exhilarating roller coaster for children. This ride features abrupt acceleration, tilting, lowering, and climbing actions.

Wheel Of Stars

The Wheel of Stars has 36 Bollywood-themed gondolas representing characters from classic Bollywood films. A ride on this massive 180-foot Ferris wheel allows you to take in breathtaking views, especially at night when it is illuminated.

Tips for Visiting Bollywood Parks Dubai

Remember to dress comfortably and use appropriate footwear when visiting Bollywood Parks Dubai.

  • Don’t forget to carry a camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle for your amusement and protection.
  • It is recommended that you purchase your entry ticket to Bollywood Parks Dubai at least one day in advance.
  • You can participate in this activity alone or in a group.
  • At Bollywood Parks Dubai, you may rent a stroller. However, be sure to arrive early enough to reserve your stroller.
  • If you run out of cash, don’t worry because ATMs are situated throughout the Parks.
  • Children under the age of three are not permitted to enter Jaan-e-Jigar.
  • There is a First Aid section to assist you in the event of a cut or scrape. To do so, proceed to the First Aid Station, which is located within the Guest Service Office.
  • Lockers are available for visitors at the Guest Service Office, the Entry Plaza, and outside the park.
  • Drinking fountains can be found on Bollywood Boulevard, which is on your right as you enter Bollywood Parks Dubai.