Dubai Creek is a seawater mine which goes through the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is also known locally as Khor Dubai. The creek is said to have once flowed as far as the same. Deira and Bur Dubai are two section which are created by division through the creek, where Deira Gold Souk can be found.

Dubai Creek

The creek has played an important role in Dubai’s history, recruiting individuals from all over the world, including tribal settlers from Bani Yas in the nineteenth century. The Creek’s warm, shallow waters are also home to a plethora of fish, which are dependent on the local culture and economy.


The creek has served as a protected and essential port for ships heading to Gulf Arabian ports since ancient times. However, in the 1950s, due to heavy ship traffic, a creek separation occurred. HH Sheikh Rasheed bin Saeed Al Maktoum subsequently appointed a team to investigate the Creek’s vast potential.

A canal was dug up about 4 4,000 feet long and six feet deep, with 1200 feet X 11 on both sides of the creek, after the Dubai Creek Dredging Fund was created specifically for the purpose and support of the Kuwaiti government. Thousands of feet of sheets were laid. Dubai’s positioning as a major port city in the Middle East has become a significant source of its diversity.


Kirk divides Dubai into two major districts: Bur Dubai and Deira, as it passes through the city center. Retro vibes can be found in every nook and cranny of the creek and its environs. Traditional wood wash and shaking, as well as old-fashioned buildings that reflect Arab hospitality.

All of these factors combine to make Dubai Creek a vital part of the city. Having said that, among the region’s historic charms are plenty of nice buildings, such as Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – Settlement is unusual for its ancient Wind Tower homestead and a museum with al-Fahdi Fort, making it a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers.

What is the best way to get to Dubai Creek?

It takes 15 minutes to drive from Dubai International Airport to the Al Garhoud Bridge, which connects Bur Dubai and Deira. The Business Bay Bridge and Al Maktoum Bridge use to connect both areas. From Deira, buses, metros, and ferries connect to Dubai Creek.

In Dubai, a ticket to Dubai Creek is required.

The entrance fee to Creek Park Dubai is approximately 5 dirhams per person and can be paid at any of the park’s entrances. Garhoud Bridge is the main entrance to the park, but you can also enter through Gate 1, which is closer to the cable car ride.

Hours of operation

Monday8am to 22pm
Tuesday8am to 22pm
Wednesday8am to 22pm
Thursday8am to 22pm
Friday8am to 22pm
Saturday8am to 22pm
Sunday8am to 22pm

During the winter, Dubai Creek Park is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. During the summer, however, the Creek Park hours change from 5 to 9 p.m.

What are the best places to stay near Dubai Creek?

In the Bur Dubai area, there are a variety of hotel options ranging from budget to luxury. XVA art and Zabeel House Al Seef  hotel are two popular selections.

Venues and activities in Dubai Creek

Abra rides

You can’t really say you’ve seen everything Dubai Creek has to provide without going on an abra ride. True, because you’ll need to cross the creek to visit even more markets and souks. Take an abra in Deira or Bur Dubai, pay one dirham (yes, one dirham), and enjoy a unique perspective of Dubai’s most historic quarter. Abras can be found all along Dubai Creek, but the best place to catch one is in the Al Fahidi neighbourhood.

JA Bateaux Dubai

JA Bateaux the most well-known eating experience at Al Seef is definitely Dubai. This established Dubai Creek excursion, which has been running for more than ten years and offers packages that include soft drinks or house beverages, is the ultimate in water dining in the city.

A four-course lunch will be served throughout your two-and-a-half-hour Dubai Creek cruise. It was designed by JA Bateax of France and is identical to the boats you’ll see gliding down the Seine in Paris. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to spend an evening, with breathtaking views over Dubai’s Old Town, including the souks.

Dubai Frame

Visitors can go inside and up to the bridge of Dubai Frame over at Zabeel Park, and it’s not just a unique structure that captures the city in a colossal-sized frame. And, whether you’re there for the day, sunset, or night, the interpretations of “old” plus “new” Dubai from a 150-meter tall firmament glass bridge are spectacular.

If you didn’t know, the bridge has an entirely see-through bottom, which is always a nerve-wracking experience. If you walk across it, you’ll be considered one of the bravest of the group.

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

There’s nothing quite like teeing off next to the cool sea breeze of Dubai Creek, which is why Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club has become a popular tourist destination for Dubai golfers. This award-winning course is one of Dubai’s most picturesque 18-hole Championship and Par 3 golf courses, and its central location makes it very accessible.

It has a cutting-edge academy and fantastic 19th holes, as well as a platform on the creek where you can tee off on one of the holes. After the game, relax at the Boardwalk or QD’s for some tasty nourishment.

Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park is the second-largest park in Dubai and has been a prevalent hangout for years thanks to its lush views of the creek and ample space for a variety of activities. There are also bicycles available for rent for a relaxing ride. One of the best places to visit in Dubai Creek is this park, which invites everyone to sit back and relax.

Children’s City

Allow your children to run wild here, and parents can relax knowing that they’re having a good time while learning. There’s something for kids of all ages here, from a planetarium to an earth science gallery, as well as a nature centre, a human body museum, and a toddlers’ area.

That’s all for Dhs10? That’s a lot of bang for your buck in terms of exploring. Also, don’t miss the space exploration gallery, as the UAE is well on its way to becoming a world leader in space exploration.

Entertainment and fireworks

If you’ve lived in Dubai long enough, you’ll know that it throws big parties with fireworks, live music on the streets, and plenty of concerts.

Dubai Creek is a great place to watch it all go down, as crowds gather to celebrate national holidays, shopping festivals, Halloween, Christmas, and everything else. Keep an eye on Time Out Dubai for all the latest information on the best fireworks displays and more.

Hindi Lane

Hindi Lane, hidden between Meena Bazaar and the Creek, is a colourful maze of stores along Dubai Creek draped with magnificent wreaths of fresh flowers, posters, knick-knacks, and tiny hole-in-the-wall cafés serving Indian delicacies. Visit during Diwali.

When storefronts are decorated with flashing, multi-colored Christmas lights and candlelight. It’s every artist’s dream come true. Bur Dubai, behind the Dubai Grand Mosque and across from the Dubai Museum.

Museum of Illusions

We all need to assume we’d never be fooled by any kind of deception, but visiting Dubai’s Museum of Illusions in Al Seef, on Dubai Creek, changes our minds. It’s full of mayhem and guile the instant anyone walks in, with 80 different exhibits to boggle the mind, all of which are impressive (and insta-worthy) in their own right.

Whether you’re in a Vortex Tunnel or going to grow or narrowing in the Ames room, there was plenty to keep you entertained for a few hours. One of the most enjoyable activities at Dubai Creek.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

We all need to assume we’d never be fooled by any kind of deception, but visiting Dubai’s Museum of Illusions in Al Seef, on Dubai Creek, changes our minds. It’s full of mayhem and guile the instant anyone walks in, with 80 different exhibits to boggle the mind, all of which are impressive (and insta-worthy) in their own right.

Whether you’re in a Vortex Tunnel or going to grow or narrowing in the Ames room, there was plenty to keep you entertained for a few hours. One of the most enjoyable activities at Dubai Creek.

The Dubai Museum

Plan a day trip to the Old Town, particularly the Al Fahidi District, if you assume your moment in Dubai is suffering from a lack in history. A visit to the Dubai Museum paints a vivid picture of the past. The historic structure houses a collection of life-size dioramas depicting Emirati life in the past.

Take a tour through traditional scenes of Arab households, souks, and mosques, as well as other activities that provide unique insights into life in the desert by the sea. If you’re interested in history, this is one of the best things to do in Dubai Creek.

Go for a walk along Dubai Creek.

Walking along Dubai Creek is a wonderful experience. The fact that it’s a fairly straightforward path with souks, shops, and restaurants as pit stops makes it a no-brainer for evening strolls. Because the walk is 14 kilometres long, we recommend taking the route from Al Fahidi to Al Seef, which will take you through historic parts of the UAE and up to Old Dubai with a modern twist.

From ice cream parlors to coffee shops, there’s something for everyone, and the architecture ranges from traditional Arabic architecture to modern container-style spaces. You’ll arrive at Canopy by Hilton Dubai Al Seef, which was previously known as Zabeel House. It’s simple to get a taxi back home from there.

Dubai Creek Shopping

Dubai Festival City Mall

Okay, you can’t see Dubai Creek from inside a mall, but it is right next to it, and what’s wrong with a little retail therapy? In our opinion, a mall that has an entire IKEA store is already a winner. We’re sure it’s been the source of many a debate, but most of our homes are furnished with Swedish items, which is why Dubai Festival City Mall is one of our favorite weekend destinations.

But there are more than 50 restaurants and cafés in this mall near Dubai Creek, including PF Chang’s, Sugar Factory, Tortilla, and a Hard Rock Café. There’s also a Fabyland and an 18-screen Novo Cinema with 4D IMAX.

The Old Souks

Anyone up for a good deal? Choose from gold, spices, or textiles. Visiting the souks is one of the best things to do in Dubai Creek. You’ll be able to visit some of Dubai’s classic markets on either side of Dubai Creek, which were once some of the city’s most important economic hubs. The Gold Souk is on the Deira side of Dubai Creek, while more textile shops are on the Bur Dubai side.

At any given time, the Gold Souk is estimated to contain up to ten tonnes of gold, and there are dozens of jewellery shops offering some incredible items. Meanwhile, the Spice Souk has tonnes of fresh herbs, spices, ingredients, remedies, and more, while the Textiles Souk has fabrics, garments, and more. Shopping in the souks of Old Dubai is one of the best things to do in Dubai because of the smells, sights, and sounds.

Dubai Creek restaurants

Al Hamidieh

Al Hamidieh makes a number of bold claims. It claims to be “popular for making preparations the better Arabic cuisine in the UAE.” Here, you can expect classic dishes, traditional recipes, and a laid-back atmosphere.

Al Mallah Seef

Shawarmas are plentiful throughout the municipality, but this old Satwa streetside eatery assists nearly of the best for less than Dhs10. In addition, the mixed grills are equally impressive. Alongside hummus, fattoush, and a glass of renewed nectar, you have ended up getting manually a victorious mealtime just beside Dubai Creek.


This well-known as well as dynamic American ice cream brand has opened a branch in Al Seef’s historic district, serving its delightful delights alongside Dubai Creek. You’ll really had to keep a close eye out for that one, since its shopfront is celine to blend in with the surroundings, distinguishing this franchise from the majority of the city’s contemporary franchisees.


Since there’s one idea we’ll never get tired of the out here: ice cream that cools us down. This Italian chain offers up delicious milkshakes and other once-a-week regards.


If central European desserts are really not fairly come again you’re aimed at, maybe this Indian rapid bites and sweeties will. Bikanervala, which was founded in Delhi, also offers a variety of savoury dishes.


This spot at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, which has previously won our Best Outdoor Restaurant grant, is perfect for a kinship meal out. On a console sticking out into Dubai Creek with opinions far above, kick back or take shares over some flavorful Mediterranean meals, from fresh made pizzas and calzone to a vast fresh fish and seafood variety. Cielo Sky Lounge (merely upstairs) offers spectacular views of the Dubai skyline if you really like a sundowner eventually. Near Dubai Creek, one of the better restaurants.

Dukkan Burger

Dukkan serves up lots of burgers, fries, chicken, and more down by Dubai Creek, offering freshly prepared grub with regional flavours and a cuisine inspired by excellent source combined with modern preferences and inclinations.

Hello Fruits

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to a shake, burger, or fries, head to Hello Fruits. Giant jiggles, fruitlet mixture, fruitlet protein willies, and “power smoothies,” are the focus of this healthy living café concept. There’s also one for the vegans in Dubai.


This prevalent diner offers a wide range in Egyptian, North African, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Views of the Al Seef promenade and Dubai Creek accompany diverse grids, salads, mezze, renewed essences, as well as other.

Kava & Chai

At this famous Traditional meet up, specialty teas and coffees are the order of the day. It has a hip, open-plan design that works well as an improvised office for a day away from the city. And there’s no best approach to get the party started along with a cup of chai near Dubai Creek.

La Marquise

This café privileges to offer “the great quality in Arabic culture and lifestyle,” and this restaurant near Dubai Creek offers a wide range of out-of-date dishes, comprising variety of tastes, as well as contemporary grub from around the world. Then it’s ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

London Dairy

If you haven’t tried cream ice cream as well as London Dairy’s cookies, you must visit the chain’s Dubai Creek location; you will not be disappointed. Other flavours worth trying include caramel biscuit as well as strawberry cheesecake.


One of the best cafés and diners in Al Seef’s historic district in Dubai Creek that has a spectacular view. Chowing down on a few Lebanese and Armenian cuisine while trying to take in entire view of Dubai Creek and many other trying to pass dhows, vessels, and water taxis from the first floor. One of the best things to do in Dubai Creek is to watch the world go by.

Mug Café

Because of its disarmingly inoffensive store front, it’s easy to miss this spot in Dubai Creek’s Al Seef, but still it is among the most amazingly soothing spots just around the back. From the flooring zone of this small café, you can nearly dip one’s toes in Dubai Creek, making it an ideal choice for some serene nourishment.


There are few places better than this one for fresh fish and waterside dining, which is why it won our Best Outdoor Restaurant 2020 award. This charming space, inspired by the coastal splendour of Cape Cod, offers a panoramic view of Dubai Creek and plenty of dishes to share. From lobster and crab to yellowtail carpaccio, a seafood bar offers the freshest catches. On Saturdays, there’s a cracking (ahem) lobster bake brunch that’s a must-try. One of Dubai Creek’s best restaurants.


Shawerme, one of Dubai’s best shawarma joints, has a location in Al Seef, close to Dubai Creek, where you can cool off with a drink while devouring a big chicken and lamb shawarma wrapped in home baked sandwich pieces.


This Al Seef restaurant on the banks of Dubai Creek is the perfect spot for a laid-back Mediterranean meal. Its menu has also recently been updated, so get ready to dine on delicious dishes while overlooking the water. The sea bass comes highly recommended.

The Brass

The Brass is a coffee house that focuses on high roasts and artisanal preparation while also providing a place for continuing to work out from the office, trying to catch up with a team, spending time with families in the dusk, or having a primary dawn coffee to plump awake your outing beside Dubai Creek.

Stay to your daytime mocha with a selection of delectable baked products, or strive anything totally different from one of The Brass’ trademark mixes, such as mauve honey as well as cinnamon lattes. As the sun sets, the music becomes more mellow, creating a truly relaxing nighttime atmosphere.

The Stuffed Burger

While it is possible to obtain  as well as from Al Seef via cab, metro, or Dubai Marine Cab, uncertainty you had rather troll out, venture to The Satiated Burger in lieu of a massive lump of beef replete with cheese (exclusive the pie, a dream come true) and smacked in a bun. That’s where we’ll be next time we want to grab a bite to eat near Dubai Creek.

Times of Arabia

A fine-dining establishment that specialises in traditional Arabic cuisine and takes pride in its genuine hospitality, grills, kebabs, and mezzes. If we’re not stuffing our faces with stuffed burgers, you’ll probably find at Times of Arabia placing an order manakish.

Bars at Dubai Creek

961 LB

This Lebanese restaurant and bar in Al Seef, Dubai Creek, bills itself as  “best of all worlds” since you are not limited to sitting and eat great food for several hours, but you could still indulge in some retail therapy.

Cielo Sky Lounge

Cielo Sky Lounge remains difficult to replace for perspectives across Dubai Creek and over to the already Dubai skyline, and this al fresco spot nails it. Because of its spectacular sunset views over Dubai Creek, it’s been a popular rooftop bar for a long time.


It’s an oldie but a goodie, and our most recent trip to iconic al fresco spot QD’s confirmed that reputation. QD’s has live sport, a live DJ, food being served left, right, and centre, and plenty of shisha on the go. It’s located on a vast waterfront terrace with stunning skyline scenery right along Dubai Creek. With spectacular views of Dubai Creek, expect a mix of Arabic mezze, Mediterranean, seafood, and grills. If you’re looking for belongings to organise in Dubai Creek, this bar is good place to start.


The Dubai Creek is a mythical place, especially in the evening when the waterfront is illuminated by flashing lights. The dangling vessels on the swamp are also illuminated, transforming the entire scene into something out of a fairy tale.