Alert ! Etihad Group Of Companies Scam- Job Recruitment

Beware of Fake job msgs, Emirates Groups of Companies Frauds. Many people are getting fake msgs to their cellphones.


Hi “Name”, You have been selected as “Job Title” See Job proposal at “Email Address” contact “Fake URL”.

You have been redirected to the fake website of Etihad Group Of Companies once you click the URL. They have chosen the tricky domain URL which can’t be judged by peoples. Beware of Online Scam job companies, who are using the name of EGOC.

Etihad Group Of Companies Fake Website

Here you have to provide the information which looks totally genuine. Etihad Group of companies’ ultimate goal is to provide the maximum job opportunities to people in Dubai Expo 2020, with all the facilities like Free Visa, Air ticket, accommodation, quality food and medical facilities including insurance.

Fake EGOC Shortlisted Candidates

All candidates received shortlisted emails with the designation, salary, benefits, Terms & Conditions without the endorsement of formal interviews.

  • Shortlisted candidates have been asked to reached Bromsulphalein  (BSP) Test from Raheela Research and Reference Lab, Fees is 12,000/-Pkr which will be reduced to 8,000/-Pkr or just for getting the money.
  • They have also been asked to upload the passport copies to their website for further job process.
Etihad Group of Companies Job Offer Letter
Etihad Group of Companies Job Offer Letter

They told you an interesting story to have you in their nest. Regarding Etihad Group of Company the have an official website: :

Etihad Group Of Companies fake websites totally look like a genuine one.

Fake Websites of EGOC

Following are the currently fake website lists:


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