Dubai Ice Rink is located inside The Dubai Mall and is easily accessible. It’s not required that you wait until the winter or a specific month to take advantage of the offered activities in this location. If you’re looking to learn or improve your ice-skating prowess, the Dubai Ice Rink is for you.

Dubai Ice Rink

Even if you don’t plan on playing ice hockey or hanging out with buddies, this is the ideal spot to be in the winter. There are also a variety of games and amusements available at this location.

There are also all the essential conveniences, such as nice spectator seating or a cafe on the mezzanine area where you can have a hot drink or snack while watching the skaters, as well as security lockers available for a small cost and a drinks and snacks counter.

There’s no better location to hang out than this arena, whether you’re looking to play ice hockey, chat with friends, or just have a good time. Various games and amusements are available as well. For a safe winter trip, I’m confident that all of this makes it one of the region’s most magical spots.

If you’d want to learn more about this incredible vacation spot, check out my comprehensive guide to ice skating in Dubai.

Timings for the Dubai Ice Rink

The hours are 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Sunday through Wednesday, and 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Thursday through Saturday.

Dubai Ice Rink Duration

There are a variety of ice skating sessions to pick from, including Public Session and Snowfall Skating, Ice Golf, Hockey, and Disco. They are between 90 and 105 minutes long.

Location of Dubai’s ice rink

The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, near the Burj Khalifa

Dubai Ice Rink’s Best Time of Year to Visit

It’s a year-round indoor attraction that’s open year-round. Despite the fact that you may visit at any time of year, it’s a perfect place to get away from Dubai’s summer heat.

The details of the tickets

The Dubai Mall’s Dubai Ice Rink offers general admission for AED 72.50 per person to skate on the ice.

How to Get to the Ice Rink at Dubai Mall

You may get to this attraction by taking any of the city’s public transportation. Take a bus from Deira Gold Souk Station or else Ghubaiba Bus Station to get here.

There are two options for those who want to get off the metro at the Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station: walk or take a feeder bus to the mall.

Newcomers and those who want to avoid any hassles can now take advantage of the RTA’s cab service or arrange for an individual transfer to be driven here. In addition, there are plenty of parking places for people who drive themselves to the location. The closest parking lot is Cinema Parking.


Also, there is a Frosty Cafe inside the rink where you may stop for a snack after your ice-skating lesson.

On Your Trip to Dubai’s Ice Rink, What Can You Expect?

Ice Skating Sessions

Public Session

The session is open to the general public, as indicated by its name. This 105-minute ice skating lesson is a terrific option whether you’re wanting to improve your skating skills or simply enjoy the thrill and excitement of ice skating.

Freestyle Skating

Intricate spins, jumps, foot motions, etc., Freestyle Skating is developed for ice skaters who wish to improve their total skating skills.

DJ Night Disco

If you’ve ever wanted to witness the rink transformed into a lively disco floor, our two-hour DJ Night Disco is for you. The ice rink is a great place to show off your dance talents, and this gives you the chance.

Dubai Snowfall

This gives an authentic ice skating experience with the falling snowflakes in the backdrop.

Family DJ Party

It’s a DJ party for the whole family, so bring your friends and family, even the little ones. Skate or glide on the ice to the sounds of an upbeat soundtrack.

Lessons in ice skates

There are a wide range of skating programmes available at the Dubai Ice Rink Skating Academy (DIRSA), from beginner skating classes to expert figure skating and ice hockey courses. How about this? Even four-year-olds can enrol in ice-skating sessions.

Just pick from a variety of class sizes ranging from small groups to large classes of up to ten students each. You can also opt for private or semi-private courses (with not more than three people). Every week, a 30-minute class is held for seven weeks with the most experienced coaches. In order to receive a certificate, students must successfully complete the programme or level. For an additional fee, students can earn an international certification from the Ice Skating Institute Asia (ISIA).

Skating Aids

The Dubai Ice Rink caters to ice skaters of all abilities. In the case of younger children or those without prior ice-walking expertise, is it possible to maintain balance on the ice? Skating aids such as Penguin Pals, Bob States, Snowman, and others serve this purpose. If you’re beyond the age of 12, you can use the snowman and seal aids but not the penguin buddies or the bob skates because of their lower sizes.

Ice Skating Lessons fee of Dubai Ice Rink

The ice rink’s seven-week group learning session, which can accommodate up to ten participants, is available for a starting fee of AED 899 per person.


There’s plenty of room for events and festivities at Ice Rink Dubai. The layout of the floor is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of gatherings and activities. Birthday celebration packages can also be tailored to suit the needs of the guests. For all packages, you’ll get a birthday party host, skates, helmets, and lockers, as well as music for the announcements.

At the time of writing, the Dubai Ice Rink provides three different birthday party packages.

There’s a fun Silver package, a luxurious Gold package, and a VIP package just for members.

For a minimum of ten participants,

Silver package

  • Includes a public session with a coach for a total of 30 minutes.
  • Each person must pay AED 130.

Gold Package

  • A mega disco or snowstorm disco session is included in the Gold Package.
  • AED 150 per person is the cost of this package, which is available only to groups of at least ten people.

VIP package

The VIP package at the Dubai Ice Rink is one of the most luxurious options for private parties. Children under the height of 3.2 feet can enjoy snowfall with penguin safety aids as part of this package’s premium features, which also include coach supervision for the duration of the session. A 15-minute appearance by a mascot is included as an extra treat for the kids. The price of a VIP package changes based on the time of year and the day of the week.

  • AED 130 for the Silver Package
  • The Gold Package is available for AED 150.
  • The cost of the VIP Package is determined by the day and time of booking.

The Dubai ice rink hosts sporting events

The Emirates Hockey League Cup competitions are held here, as are Broomball games between corporate teams. As an added bonus, there are plenty of places to sit down and watch big sporting events like the FIFA World Cup being televised from around the world.

What to wear

  • If you’re going to go ice skating at Dubai Mall, make sure you dress warmly for the weather.
  • It’s possible to accessorise your outfit with mittens, thick socks, and full-coverage sports shoes. These are especially important if you have young children.
  • If you plan to ride an IceByke or eByke during your skating session, wear a well-fitting trouser (not too loose).
  • Not to mention, don’t wear skirts, long coats, scarves, or any other type of clothing.

Dubai Ice Rinks’ Rules and Regulations

  • Safety instructions given by the marshals are important to follow, so pay attention.
  • Keep your distance from any obstacles that need you to climb or sit on.
  • Throwing, spraying, or making ice holes are not acceptable behaviours.
  • Skate at a reasonable speed.
  • If you fall, protect your head.
  • Protect your fingertips by putting them in the balls.
  • Observe your fellow skaters; don’t hop or go around them; and, of course, be kind to the fewest skaters possible.
  • It’s against the rules to participate in tag games, whip-changes, and the like.
  • If skaters do not adhere to any of the rules or principles listed above, the facility has the power to ban them from the rink or the entire premises.

Safeguards for the Family and Children’s Protection

  • The in-house shop has a wide selection of skates, helmets, and other protective gear for rent or purchase. Thick socks and other ice-skating necessities are also available for purchase at the shop.
  • Children under the age of one metre can wear helmets for free.
  • To keep your personal stuff safe, lockers are available at the facility. There is, however, a small fee of AED 15 (per session).
  • In addition to a first-aid area, on-site nurses and ice marshals are on hand.
  • In addition to cutting-edge technology, the facility includes machines like Zamboni to maintain the ice’s consistency.
  • Cafes and other dining establishments can be found in the area.

Dubai’s Ice Rink’s Best Tricks

  • With a wide range of ice skating assemblies available, you can choice the one that best meets your preferences or ability level. I doubt you’d sign up for the Disco Ice Skating class if you were unfamiliar with strobe lighting.
  • Children should not be brought onto the ice surface at any time.
  • Check to see if you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself and that your skates are correctly attached before you begin spinning on the ice.
  • To get the most out of your skating experience, leave your bags, phones, and other personal possessions at home.

Top Dubai Ice Rinks Attractions and Lodestones

The Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai have a lot to offer beyond the Dubai Ice Rink, so don’t limit your visit to simply the rink. Select a package that includes some of the region’s most popular attractions, such as: Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo, KidZania Dubai, VR Park, Hysteria, Reel Cinemas, Dubai Dino, Souk Al Bahar, Burj Khalifa.


There’s no better place in Dubai to spend some quality time or make some magical memories than the Dubai Ice Rink. But that’s not all; because to its handy location, you and your family may enjoy a memorable day out during your Dubai vacations.