People are regularly moving all over the world. And they need transport every day, and every time they move around cities. You are likely to find yourself in a cab at some point.

People Usually use public transport, but they are not sufficient also they do not provide enough facilities for a safe and comfortable journey, and that is where the taxi services take the field. They have cheaper fare rates and provide better, safer, and in-time services to their customers.

Dubai Taxi Corporation

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is the largest taxi company in Dubai and is managed by the transport authority of Dubai or RTA. These taxis are clean and have red tops. Dubai Taxi Corporation taxis are safe, clean, efficient, and affordable, and you can find them all over Dubai. You can catch a Taxi at many of the Dubai taxis stands located in places like hotels, malls, tourist attractions, and the airport.

You can also call the DTC dispatch center at 04-2080808 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you see a pink topped taxi, these Taxis are ridden by women, for female customers or families. Black Taxis are limousine taxis that will need to book in advance. You will also see larger taxis that look like vans with the Blue logo on them. These are for those with disabilities. These are specifically equipped and designed for those with wheelchairs. If you are trying to catch catching a taxi from the road, raise your hand, and the Taxi will stop. If they are available at the nearest safe spot off the main roads.

You can also get a Taxi using the DTC SMS taxi service by sending an SMS message to 4774 with the area number first. You will have to type the area number according to the area you are in and then send an SMS to 4774. Then, they will give you a reservation number, which will be sent to you via SMS to your mobile number. You can go to Dubai. Uber is also available in

Dubai. There are also private taxi companies like all Arabia taxis which have green tops, Cars taxi which has blue and black tops, a National taxi which has yellow tops, and Metro taxi which has orange tops, almost all the drivers speak English. All cabs in Dubai must display their taxi numbers, so it’s worth writing down the taxi number just in case you forget any items in the Taxi when you get out. 

Main objectives of Dubai taxi

The main objectives of Dubai Taxi are:

  • Making the customer happy and satisfied.
  • Making the customers feel safe, and secure it’s the top priority because of the accidents.
  • Rapid development in the field of Automation.
  •  Environmental concerns sustainability concerns, and reduction of the size of personal capital flows

Super Taxis In Dubai

One of the most important modes of transportation around the world is taxis. Here in Dubai, things can get a little different a lot of people like using the natural or the quick bus system that we have here the obvious choice would be to take a taxi, but here we also have the Tesla electric taxis. Tesla taxis are more expensive than traditional taxis.

Dubai is aiming to become the smartest city in the world. Tesla is the electric vehicle that is supporting the strategy of Dubai to become the smartest city in the world. Dubai also has some sports cars running as taxis.

Dubai Taxi Statistics

Dubai is a taxi-centric city, and here taxis are accounted for the second-biggest share of the public with 31.6% of transport users. In the first half of 2019, the Dubai Metro with 37.17% of total public transport users. Overall 266.91 million people used public transport during the first half of 2019.

Inside Dubai taxis, there is a system that gives the information of the driver as well as can track the taxis in real-time. And it tells us about the location of all the Taxis. It can trace the road, measure the distance, and gives an estimate of the fare as well. More than 11000 taxis are currently working in Dubai, out of which Dubai taxi corporations own more than 5000.

About 23197 taxi drivers are working in Dubai, and more than 10000 are working for Dubai taxi corporations. More than 9000 taxis have cameras installed in them. You can also hear sounds through these cameras. Taxi companies respond immediately, Whenever a complaint is heard. 

Dubai taxi prices

Taxis in Dubai do not have set rates to travel around the city. They use a taximeter based on the distance that is Government regulated. The base price for taking Dubai taxi rates changes depending on your location and time of day, but the price, per kilometer, is always the same.

  • The rate per kilometer is always 1.82 AED.
  • 6:00 to 22:00 – The base fare is 8 AED
  • 22:00 to 6:00 – the base fare is 9 AED

If you keep your Taxi waiting, there will be an additional charge of 25 AED per hour.

Taxi services

The Dubai Taxi Corporation provides all kinds of services, comfort, and customer care that meet the highest levels of transportation quality standards.

  • Airport taxi

These vehicles are used, especially by visitors at Dubai International Airport.

  • Limousine taxi

A luxury DTC Limousine Service is a chauffeur-driven vehicle designed to fulfill the needs of the Tourism Industry clients.

  • SMS taxi service

 Easy to find SMS Taxi Service. It requires the customer to enter the area number shown in the SMS board in a text message (SMS) and sends it to (4774)

  • Public Taxi

It is a general service, and it is open to all customers who wish to use DTC taxis for all their different travel needs within the UAE.

  • Hatta taxi

This service is available to residents of the City of Hatta. However, it does have the jurisdiction authority to pick up and drop off customers from Dubai and vice-versa.

  • Special needs taxi

A highly sophisticated vehicle, Special Needs Taxi service is equipped, and designed with travel comfort in mind.

  • Ladies and families taxi

A dedicated service driven by female drivers, Ladies, and Families Taxi, is exclusive to ladies and families.

  • Taxi rental

DTC offers taxi with driver rental service to travel within Dubai Only by 24-hour reservation in advance via Dispatch Center.

Importance of Taxis

Taxis have a lot of benefits, and they are essential for people living in different cities all over the world. Taxis are important. They give reliability to the users because they can be available everywhere at all times. Taxis provide excellent service in terms of punctuality for their customers as they always ensure their customers reach their destination in time accordingly. Taxis let you have a secure and comfortable ride to your destination with a completely private environment where you can relax alone or prepare yourself for the upcoming task you need to perform.


It is a fact that public transports are available only at a specific time and they move according to their routes, and if a person wants to travel by public transport, he has to wait for the right time to get on board. Well, it is not the case with taxis because it is available 24 hours and they can take you to your destination wherever and whenever you want. It is an important reason why people prefer taxis more than traveling by public transport in their cities.

How to book a taxi?

Taxis can be available in the street, booked by phone, or picked up at taxi ranks. The public transport authority RTA of Dubai has launched a free Smart Taxi App from which you can book the nearest taxis based on your location. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

There are myriads of transportation options in Dubai, but taxis are the best ones because of their benefits and their reliable service. If you are living in Dubai and have an issue finding the best taxi services. You do not need to worry about it anymore because we have bought an easy and useful solution for your problems to vanish in a second.

Safe Travel Even At Night

Taxis provide you with a secure and private mode of transportation because it is reliable and nowadays. They are safe even at night time when there is a larger chance of dangerous things happening. 

Women And Taxi

Dubai taxis are safe for women to ride alone at night. Although drivers rarely get touchy or physically aggressive, some of them may try to hit on you, especially if you are young, attractive, and not dressed conservatively. Use common sense and your experience to deal with the situation. 


Dubai is planning to have flying taxis and will achieve this goal very soon. Dubai has one of the best Taxi companies in the world and it’s appropriate to say that soon Dubai will have the smartest and most fully automated Taxi system in the world.