LEGOLAND Dubai, one of Dubai’s most inventive theme parks, is brought to you by the world’s most popular toy manufacturers. LEGOLAND Dubai, a theme park and a water park, is a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts.

LEGOLAND is a unique destination for families with children, offering over 40 thrilling rides, fun family attractions, and cutting-edge play areas. A Legoland theme park is sure to thrill anyone who knows anything about the wonders of Legos. Motion gate Dubai and Bollywood Park are nearby as well as LEGOLAND Dubai, which is a part of Dubai Parks n Resorts. Learn more about LEGOLAND Dubai’s theme park and Water Park with our LEGOLAND Dubai guide.

Toy Story Land is a family-friendly amusement park built around the hugely popular Toy Story building pieces. There are two theme parks in Dubai: Motion gate and Bollywood Parks, both of which are part of the larger Dubai Parks and Resorts complex.

Two parks make up LEGOLAND Dubai: a theme park and a water park. A thrilling Waterpark featuring rides for both adults and children can be found within the main LEGOLAND site. LEGOLAND is unquestionably the best way to cool off in the sweltering heat of Dubai! LEGOLAND Dubai, one of the city’s most popular attractions, is hosting summertime fun and games for the whole family.


Legoland Dubai tickets come in a variety of forms. Here’s how it’s done:


Legoland’s general admission tickets are AED 275, with a three-day advance booking discount of 10%.

You may save AED 235 by purchasing a day pass that includes admission to both Legoland and Legoland Water Park Dubai.

All tickets for children under the age of three are free.

Tickets to Legoland Dubai for a year in advance

You must pay AED 395 for a Legoland Dubai Annual Pass and AED 495 for an Annual Pass that includes admission to both the amusement park and the water park.

LEGOLAND Hours of Operation

In general, the park is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, however on Fridays and Thursdays, it stays open until 8:00 pm.


Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd, beside the Palm Jebel Ali in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Call at +971-48203123 for more information.

Lands with a Theme at Dubai’s Legoland

More than 40 LEGO-themed rides, shows, and attractions can be found throughout the park, which is divided into six sections: Factory, Imagination, Kingdom, Lego City, and the first indoor Miniland.


Have you ever been curious about the manufacturing process for LEGO bricks? After you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to head over to Factory at Legoland. As a parting gift from LEGOLAND California, you’ll get to take home a piece of LEGO magic as a memento of your time there. If you enjoy toys, the city’s largest toy store is a must-see for you. There aren’t any limitations on how tall you can be.


Legoland offers a plethora of family-friendly activities. Go to Legoland right away. In a few years, your children will be capable of learning to fly an aeroplane, operate a car, and even save an entire building if necessary. You’ll have the chance to do a lot more than just drive and fly. Check out some of Lego City’s most popular sights.

School of Boating

Do you see a day when you can go boating with your friends and family on a lake? Lego City’s Boating School gives you the opportunity to learn how to skipper a LEGO-inspired boat. Is there anything better than that?

Ride Rules and Regulations

You must be a year old or older to participate.

Parents and guardians must accompany children under the height of 120 cm.

There can be a maximum of two adults or one adult and two youngsters.

Those with a lot of willpower should ask for assistance so they can sit comfortably on the voyage.

You must sit with your back straight.

Police Headquarters

Do you want to see a LEGO police station? To find out for yourself, stop by a LEGO-inspired indoor headquarters with soft bricks and air conditioning.

Ride Rules and Regulations

There aren’t any limitations based on your age or height.

Sea Port

Do you have a thing for ships and boats? Lego City’s Sea Port offers you the opportunity to have fun with marine-inspired models of cargo ships, cruise ships, and coast guard boats. You’re free to spend as much time as you like climbing, crawling, and playing with these structures!

Ride Rules and Regulations

This place is a dream come true for any LEGO enthusiast.


Imagination is a zone at Legoland Dubai with a variety of attractions for guests of all ages. Try out some of the park’s rides and attractions if you’re game.

Build & Test

What do you think about making your own LEGO car? Imagination’s Build & Test facility allows you to construct your own LEGO car and then test drive it on a digitally timed indoor track.

Duplo Express

This is without a doubt one of Legoland Dubai’s most family-friendly attractions. Your children can ride the Duplo Express train around Duplo Playtown. This action-packed thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ride Rules and Regulations

You must be 80cm tall and at least one year old in order to participate.

Riders under the height of 120 cm must have an adult accompany them.

Two visitors per carriage ride on a slow-moving train designed for younger passengers.

Enthusiasts can enter the ride through the exit.


This is the place where every LEGO fan will have a ball. It has it all, from a thrilling roller coaster ride to a fast-paced carousel excursion. Check out the most popular Legoland attractions in this section.

Dragon’s Apprentice

Nothing compares to the pure delight that comes from riding a roller coaster. Roller coaster fans will be pleased to learn that the Dragon’s Apprentice roller coaster in Legoland Dubai can be found here. For thrill seekers, this is a must-try ride at Dubai Parks and Resorts’ rollercoaster park!

Ride Rules and Regulations

You must be 4 years old and 105 centimetres tall in order to participate.

Riders who are shorter than 120cm in height must have an adult with them at all times.

Riders must be at least 195cm tall to use this machine.

Merlin’s Challenge

Is it time to break the enchantment that Merlin has placed on you, young knights and princesses? Are you ready to bike your way up a fast carousel? This Legoland ride takes you back in time to mediaeval times and is suitable for both children and adults.

Ride Rules and Regulations

The minimum age and height requirements for the ride are 105 cm and 4 years old, respectively.

Riders who are shorter than 120cm in height must have an adult with them at all times.

Recommended for youngsters 4 and up.

There is a limit of two people per apartment.


This is the place to go if you want to learn more about the creatures that live beneath the surface of the ocean. Some of Legoland’s top rides may be found here.

Beetle Bounce

This bouncing attraction at Adventure can send thrills down your spine with a launch of up to 15 feet towards the enormous LEGO bug overhead.

Ride Rules and Regulations

You must be 4 years old and 105cm tall in order to participate.

Riders who are 105cm to 120cm in height must have an adult with them.

Disabled Accessible

Maintain an erect posture while you’re sitting.

The Adventure of the Lost Kingdom

The key to a successful trip in Lost Kingdom Adventure is to put your skills to use. Use lasers to track down the ill-gotten gains of the Lost Kingdom and revel in your victory.

Ride Rules and Regulations

There is a minimum height requirement of 90 cm and a minimum age requirement of 2 years.

Riders with a height between 90 cm and 130 cm must have an adult with them.

There are a maximum of two people per automobile.

Go around in the Miniland

He’d come to see Miniland, no question! Because it’s the world’s first of its kind and entirely air-conditioned, this indoor Middle Eastern cityscape is a sight to behold.

The sheer volume of bricks required to construct these marvels is unmatched. The level of care and attention to detail was excellent. The smaller kids were fascinated by anything that moved on the models, including the airport’s busy vehicles, the water’s boats, and, of course, the Dubai Metro trains!

It’s even possible to crawl inside some of the models, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The youngsters loved seeing the model of Petra that they’d previously only seen in pictures come to life.


In addition to an amusement park, the only water park in the United Arab Emirates, Legoland Water Park, is a great place for families with children ages 2 to 12. If you enjoy water coasters, now is the time to let your hair down and have some fun. Enjoy a day of sun-soaked fun in the park with over 20 water slides and other attractions to beat Dubai’s heat. Red Rush, Joker Soaker, and Wave Pool will keep you on the edge of your seat.


If so, where would you like to eat? At Legoland’s Aqua Treats, guests may choose from a wide range of delectable snacks and slushies. Feeling peckish and in need of a meal of pizza or pasta? Visit the all-you-can-eat Caesar’s Pizza & Pasta Buffet for delectable pizzas and pastas. Granny’s Apple Fries is a well-known eatery in Legoland Dubai for those who want fries and a tasty specialty treat: apples covered with vanilla cream sauce or cinnamon sugar. It is located in Legoland Dubai.

Legoland’s Stores

Do you enjoy going to the mall? When visiting Legoland, you’ll have the option of shopping at a variety of locations, including the LEGO City Shop, King’s Market, Pick-A-Brick, and Minifigure Market. The Corner Shop is a convenient place to shop for necessities. In addition to hats and sunscreen, the store also sells a variety of umbrellas.

Visit Dubai’s Legoland at the right time of year.

Tourists flock to Dubai’s Legoland all year round, but the city has extremely hot summers, making it impossible for visitors to take advantage of the city’s top attractions. Because of this, the ideal time to visit Legoland is the same as it is to visit Dubai, from November to April.

Legoland Dubai, a riot of colour and energy, is destined to become a top destination for families with small children as well as the young at heart. Legoland Dubai is the region’s first and the world’s seventh Legoland Park, so start making plans to go there and surprise your family.

Rules of the Park

Priority Is Given to Security

For your personal safety and the protection of others, please adhere to all signs and regulations posted at rides and attractions.

Governmental Anti-Smoking Policy

Please only use the approved smoking places listed on the map if you desire to smoke, including electronic cigarettes.

Warning: Severe Weather Is Imminent!

Some rides may be shut down if it’s too windy or if there are sand storms, for obvious reasons. Outdoor attractions in the Park will be closed if there are severe sand storms nearby for your protection. While you’re here, check out our indoor attractions, eat at one of our many restaurants, or buy for souvenirs. In the event of inclement weather, no refunds will be issued.


Several spots in the Park have video surveillance cameras placed for the purpose of keeping an eye on things. Any type of weapon is strictly prohibited. LEGOLAND Dubai retains the right to conduct random searches and inspections of all guests’ bags for reasons of safety and security. A parent or guardian must be with a child under the age of 13 at all times.


In the Park, refrain from using abusive or threatening words or behaviour, or from dressing in a way that would offend others. No flash photography, smoking, eating, or drinking is allowed inside any attraction for the safety of people around you.

Drinks and Meals

The Park does not allow outside coolers, food, or beverages (save for individuals with particular newborn or medical needs). The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden.

Using Video Cameras for Commercial Photography

Copyright protects all LEGOLAND Dubai attractions, rides, and LEGO® block models. LEGOLAND Dubai images and videos may only be used with prior permission for commercial broadcasting, advertising, marketing, or publishing. By visiting LEGOLAND Dubai or LEGOLAND Water Park, guests agree that LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park may use their likeness in advertising and other promotional materials without compensating them in any way.

Here are some suggestions to make your trip to Legoland more enjoyable.

You’ll have to take a short walk from the parking lot to the park’s entrance.

Because you’ll be walking a lot, avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes like high heels.

In the summer, get to the park as late as possible. Both the heat and the magic of being in the park at dusk are served by doing this. It’s a win-win.

Weekends at Legoland Dubai are packed as you might imagine. To avoid the crowds, we suggest visiting on a weekday.


This is one of Dubai’s most cutting-edge theme parks and a wonderful destination for families to spend time together on the weekends. This metropolitan attraction is a tonne of fun, and we highly recommend paying a visit. And with that, Legoland Dubai review comes to a conclusion.